PAO (ORs) Bangalore : FAQs 

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I require previous Month’s Pay Slip.


Now PAO is not printing nor dispatching any pay slips.  Instead it is uploaded in AWAN/Army Intranet by the Records Office.  You can download and print it from there every month.  As regards previous months’ MPS, you may approach the Record Office for collecting the same.


My DO II published in last month but not adjusted in current month.


DO II is submitted through Records Office and DO IIs received in PAO only upto 20th of the month are accounted for in the same month.


How to increase my AFPPF subscription?


You can submit online query intimating the amount and month of effect. This can be affected only from current month onwards and not from retrospective effect.  The amount of subscription cannot be more than pay plus grade pay for a month.


What are the precautions before applying for AFPPF Final withdrawal or Temporary advance?


Ensure more than 6 months from the previous advance. 

Allowed only for specified reasons. 


I have not received Form 16


Form 16 pertains to every financial year will be dispatched to unit through Records Office. They can also be viewed on the Army Intranet.


When the monthly salary will be credited in my account?


It is credited on the last working day of the month, into your salary account.


How the pay can be stepped up with reference to Junior drawing more pay?


Senior should be senior in all respects.  More pay of the junior should not be due to ACP fixation.  Comparative statement in prescribed format should be routed through Records CMP and duly vetted with reference sheet roll.


Field Allowances are not continued after ceasation?


Field allowances are to be re-granted after ceasation, due to posting/TD/Leave etc through DO II.


Requirements of online query?


Online query should have a brief of grievances, DO II number, date of publication, Regt number and name and Regimental number of the PBOR.


Requirement of CEA DO II?


It should be as per Appx J, Enclosures of receipts for the expenditure is mandatory, Admissible for two classes prior to class I and upto class 12th.  Academic year should be same for the child in the same school.


Transport allowance not granted after posting to the unit?


There should be a DO II for grant after ceasation due to POSTOUT or T/D and leave exceeding 30 days in calendar month.


Requirements of Encash DO II on LTC?


LTC can be availed while on CL but encashed leave will be debited against AL.  Current encashed period will be reflected in SRA (6a) column, cumulative period will be shown in NRA (6b) column.


Why AFPPF subscription is reduced suddenly and when it will be revised?


AFPPF subscription will be reduced to 6% of Pay + Grade Pay from the month’s account when it is closed in debit.  It can be revised after liquidating the debit balance by an intimation of PAO through on line query or IAFA 831.


Resetting of password?


Once the password is set, the same should be kept secure and should not be forgotten.  For resetting give the details like Army No, DOB, DOE & Name.


Payslips of previous months.


Always keep a copy of the Monthly Pay Slip of the previous month as every month the current month’s pay slip will replace the old payslip, which will be deleted from the Website.


PBORs’ retirement and bank account.


PBORs who go on retirement should not  close their bank accounts at the last station of postings as their Final Settlement amounts will be paid into these accounts.


Recruits bank accounts?


All the recruits have to inform any corrections noticed in their bank account details or payment details in their 1st pay slip. This should be informed immediately to the PAO.


Increase / decrease of AFPP Fund.


May be increased twice / decreased once in a Financial year.