Receive, audit and compile  the Imprest accounts allotted to PAO, Scheduling of acquittance rolls and AFPP fund vouchers to concerned PAOs, scrutiny of acquaintance rolls  and AFPP fund vouchers and scheduling to EDP. Reconciliation of balances under the suspense code head (0/018/65). Issuing cheques to Post master on account of FAMO and FSMO and verification of proof of payment – Money order remittance (FAMO and FSMO). Issue of cheques  based on  requisition demand placed by DEPOT BN on  account of  pay  advance to the effective personnel of depot bn  and  also  for the final payment of credit balance and AFPP fund balance of those personnel  who are retiring. Raising and responding of DID schedules to other CDAs. Preparation of Punching Media.

Section head:       Shri. V C JANARDHANA, AAO.