DDP Centre deals in the processing work of the following.

PAO (ORs) ASC(South).

Final Settlement Cases of PAO (ORs) ASC(South).

Last Pay Certificate.

Soldier Information System. (JJK). 

Monthly Pay System Processing for PAO (ORs) ASC(South).

Processing work involves.

Validation/updation of all the modules until purification.

Capturing of DO2 Data from Army Sources such as, ARPAN & HRSUIT and conversion thereof.

Consolidating data for final transfer to IRLA.

Maintenance of control registers.

Rendering of reports & returns including printing of IRLA/QSAs.

Generation of IRLAs/QSAs and monthly Pay Bills in PDF format for uploading to Website of ASC(South) & ARMY Intranet.

    Section Head:   Shri. R RAJASEKAR, AAO